Huelén English Olympics

Due to the amazing experience lived in the British English Olympics in London, our English
Department wanted to celebrate our 40th anniversary using this model with students of 5th, 6th,
7th and 8th grade, calling this experience “Huelén English Olympics”.
For an hour, students from the clases previously mentioned, presented and explained different
topics that they were assigned. For example, 5th graders built up a Time Capsule in which students
had to write and draw the current life experiences (hands and feet sizes, family members, favorite
food and colors, current news from Chile and the world, etc). The aim of this activity was to burry
and re-opened them in 2025, year in which they will be in 12th grade, and realized how much they
have changed.
Besides, 6th graders accepted the Mystery Challenge: “Build it!” In this activity, student had to
create a very special tool which might be used by 2 different professionals. To build it they could
use only some assigned materials.
Finally, 9th graders performed two different plays; Aladdin and Pocahontas. They worked too hard
preparing the scenery, learning their lines, songs and of course; rehearsing for several days.
Both performances turned out to be a total success!